ACP Announcement centre 1.2.5 for 3.0.14

These are MODs already released but have had to be updated to the latest version (for whatever reason) to carry on working and installing with Automod.
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MODs in this forum have been updated to 3.0.12 and later for any number of reasons; Author too busy/not supporting the MOD, edits etc have been posted somewhere on but are not being applied automatically with Automod; maybe subsilver2 has been added. Whatever the reason, it's why these MODs are here.
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ACP Announcement centre 1.2.5 for 3.0.14

Postby John » 24 May 2014, 09:43

This is ACP Announcement Centre updated for 3.0.14. The version at (1.2.2) is not compatible and the link to the authors download is unavailable.
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